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Open Your Door to Surf and Paddle Board!

​About My Punta Mita Getaway

"My Getaway" sits atop the most beautiful beach in Punta Mita and enjoys all the breathtaking views the Banderas Bay has to offer.  Enjoy the show of pelicans and sea gulls as they swoop about. By night, watch the twinkling lights of Puerto Vallarta or a moon not dimmed by city lights.  Enjoy the negative edge swimming pool, the spa or just watch the waves roll by.  Our beaches are beyond compare.  Great to walk and discover the miracles of sea life.

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My Story

​​The first time I went to Mexico I was enchanted.  It was colorful, lively and the beauty of the people consumed me.  Some years later the Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels offered me a job to work in Punta Mita and it is there that I simply fell in love!  I had to have a piece of this incredible place so I put down roots and bought my "condo on the beach".  It is the best decision I ever made.  It's safe, it's quiet and nature abounds